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Major Announcement

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Computer-aided Interferometry is here!!

–Interferometery test of a Chinese made optic
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A Major Announcement From Discovery Telescopes

High contrast interferograms


The latest addition
to our testing facility

Governmental agencies, Universities, Observatories and serious Astronomers throughout the world demand interferometry for optical verification,
why shouldn't you?

Discovery Telescopes would like to announce the addition of our forth in-shop interferometer. What does this mean to you?, Our continuing commitment to delivering high quality optics each and every time, like we have for the last 15 years.

With our multiple interferometers, we are able to have multiple test setups. Wether you purchase our computer aided interferometry report or not, you can be assured that all of our optics are visually inspected - at the wave front - with the most advanced testing equipment and procedures.

I have received dozens of e-mails from prior customers , potential future customers and even fellow competing optical companies commending our approach to educating the public about computer aided interferometry and optical testing.
Is interferometry the only means for final testing? No.

Is interferometry the only means to verify final wave front testing? Absolutely - ask any professional.
We are firmly committed in the utilization of the interferometer because we (as well as others who incorporate its use) know it is the most powerful testing device available today, combined with computer aided software and you have eliminated the "human subjectivity" element that can skew and inflate final test results.

The down side:
As you may know, the last several years has brought with it some outrageous wave front claims in the optical industry. This is most unfortunate for everyone, especially the consumer.
Since we have posted our in-depth discussion about optical quality & testing we have had only one individual/company who completely disputes and reputes any results verified by computer aided interferometry. This person (and he is not alone, fortunately there are not many like him) relies on the Foucault test to make claims of up to 1/100 wave front on his optics - ridiculous!.

I truly hope that as an educated consumer you do not buy into that hype. This is not to say these individuals/companies do not make good optics, we just suspect they do not deliver what they say because they know it would be difficult for you to prove them wrong. If they had interferometry they would not be making those claims!.

Please patronize your dedicated hard working professional, like us as well as many others, by supporting our goals and mission. We have always been honest, dedicated and realistic. You will not find inflated claims or egos here, I promise you that!.





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